Guy tries to call out racism on the Ellen Degeneres show but makes one big mistake

Meet 49 year old Tony Okungbowa. Tony used to be the resident DJ on Ellen Degeneres' hit talk show from 2008 to 2013, until he was replaced by tWitch as he left to further his acting and DJ career.

Here's Tony dancing with Ellen back when he was on the show

Here's Ellen with tWitch

Recently on one of Ellen's shows, current DJ tWitch said that he loved teaching white men to dance in a feature called 'White Men Can Make 24k Magic':

... And of course, a whiney white guy took offence.

I mean... you literally just need to watch the video above to see that tWitch has at least a bit of a point. And I've seen my white dad take to a dance floor, and whatever he was doing was absolutely not dancing.

Anyway, the offended white guy, named John, felt the need to call out tWitch's "racist" remark, and it GLORIOUSLY backfired. John sent the following message, not to tWitch, but to Tony... the OLD DJ (remember, Tony hasn't worked there since 2013):

Calling tWitch's statement racist, John messaged Tony, despite the two looking NOTHING alike, which Tony points out is a classic racist trope that all black people look the same. To put this into context... here is Tony and tWitch:

They literally look nothing alike. Tony posted the message to his Instagram, with the following caption:

Got this today on my FB Page. Now will he apologize to me for think all black men look the same? (The current DJ and I look nothing alike) Or for not being up to date on the Show? (Haven't been there since 2013). Lol no apology needed I just hope he can dance.

People have been commenting in support of Tony (and also tWitch's statement):

Note to future John: don't be racist when trying to call out racism.