Guy texts unknown number and gets a SHOCKING reply

From time to time we've all sent or received a message from a wrong number, and usually it's pretty lowkey. You reply saying 'woops wrong number, sorry' and you and your technological mysterious stranger go your separate ways.

Not for Matt. For poor Matt, things went, well... just a little differently.

Having bought a phone from his friend 'Wyatt', Matt found some old numbers on the phone and decided he'd try his luck at picking up a mysterious lady.

'Okay' I hear you saying. This is a pretty normal exchange. Your classic 'new fone hu dis.' Well. Matt decided to introduce himself by sending a picture to see if this was met with a warmer response.

Uninterested in Matt's friendly selfie, the mystery woman slaps him with a pretty savage 'k bye.' Unwilling to accept that anything other than his job status might be the reason this mystery texter wasn't interested, Matt replies nonchantly, 'Lol, because I'm navy.'

It was at this point the mystery texter revealed her own identity... and oh, is it awkward.

Not quite the mystery woman Matt was looking for... maybe he should stick to known numbers next time.