Woman left unable to say "sorry" after autocorrect prank goes horribly right

A woman has been left unable to say 'sorry' via text message, after her friend changed her autocorrect settings.

Instead of being able to apologise, Allison is only capable of spewing out quotes from Star Wars instead, after her friend Demarco Shango got ahold of her phone.

Demarco made the changes to her autocorrect when she wasn't looking, and then asked their friends to make her say "sorry" in the group chat.

The easiest way they could think of to make her say "sorry" was a pop-quiz. And it worked a treat.

The quote is Star Wars episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith, where it should have read "sorry".

Sano tweeted the prank, which has since gone viral.

Allison has since tweeted to say she hates them all.

Something she's yet to apologise for.