Guy goes to festival and returns to find his car like this

If Brits are good at anything, it's going hard at festivals.

Credit: Humans of the Sesh

But there's always one idiot that just takes things that little bit too far, as poor Twitter user @WilsonImrie1 found out.

Already drawing the short straw by being the designated driver for himself and his mates at Creamfields, Wilson came back to his car after a heavy weekend on the sesh to find that someone had GUTTED the entire thing:

Someone had literally stolen all of his car seats. Wilson shared a photo of his sad-looking car on Twitter, which has now been collectively retweeted and liked over 47,000 times.

Many people were quick to make jokes in an attempt to help Wilson see the funny side:

However, Wilson was struggling to see the funny side after things went from bad to worse:

He did eventually manage to get home... but sadly no news on his car seats:

Looks like he'll probably be getting the coach next time.