Man attempts to get a free dessert by pretending his date cancelled

A man has failed to secure a free dessert, despite going into a restaurant alone, asking for a table for two and then pretending he'd been stood up.

The waiter wouldn't even comp his desserts after Kyle, in his 20s, made a sad face and pretended to call his "date" to ask where she was.

Kyle had decided to try and get some free dessert after a Twitterer he was following, Elan Gale, tweeted:

"If you go to dinner alone always ask for a table for two. Look sad as you eat and you will almost always get free dessert."

Kyle decided it was worth a shot.

Free stuff, given out of pity

Kyle attempted to get a free dessert at a local restaurant, and even ate a "sharing" dish to make this all seem authentic. Whilst he didn't manage to get the dessert, but he did get a big freebie out of it.

He live tweeted his pudding heist, which you can read below.

He didn't get a dessert for free. He got his entire goddam meal for free. Just by pretending he'd been stood up. Surely that's worth a try, next time you're eating alone?