Guy accidentally goes to Wetherspoons dressed as one of their plates

A man has accidentally taken a trip to Wetherspoons, dressed as one of their plates.

20-year-old Callum Wright went for a curry at his local Wetherspoons last week. Little did he know that the shirt he was wearing used the exact same pattern as Spoons crockery.

After tweeting a picture of the incident, he went viral. Being a smart man (albeit with a terrible taste in shirts) he has since tried to use the tweet to get free stuff from Wetherspoons.

Spoons have not got back to him, but he probably deserves something after the comments he's been getting from his friends.

Accidental camouflage

In honour of Callum, here are 20 other people who dressed up, went somewhere, and then realised they were wearing the exact same costume as the decor / floor / walls.

Some of these people are practically invisible.

20) This possible crime scene

"Hello police? Either there's been a decapitation, or my girlfriend has terrible taste in clothes AND bedsheets. Just awful, terrible taste. Or there's been a murder, I'm not sure, JUST SEND SOMEBODY."

19) This shopping bag

Charles had a plan to get into the house without walking. It wasn't a good plan, but it was a plan.

18) Where's Nan?

"I don't know how to break it to you, son, but your Nan is missing. She was last seen giggling to herself and crawling down onto the floor and then - poof - disappears on us. Like that douchebag magician."

"David Blaine?"

"No not him, that other one."

"Chris Angel? Dynamo? Siegried? David Copperfield? Roy?"

"Yeah, all of them. To summarise: Magicians suck and your Nan is missing."

17) This chair

Don't know why we've included this one. It's clearly just a chair.



15) If we ever fight a war in a 1970s IKEA, the enemy are screwed

"Have you ever fought in a war? Do you know what it's like to kill a man? To lie in wait on a floral sofa for hours on end, until you can see the fear in your enemy's eyes as he sits down and realises 'hmm this sofa's lumpier than usual' and then you put a bullet in him, right between his cheeks? Do you know what that feels like?? No. Then shut up about war, son."

14) This fire safety hazard

Fire incident report 18th September 2015. Upon arriving at the scene the fire chief attempted to put out the fire using what turned out to be a small child in a puffer jacket. Attempt was unsuccessful.


"It just goes skirt then shoes. Where's the middle man?? Somebody call a f*ckin' doctor."

12) Human Fab bar finally finds a place she blends in

"It's not easy, walking around and looking like a Fab ice-cream. But now, after a lot of people attempting to eat me, I have finally found somewhere I can blend in."

11) This walking, talking phone case

"There's no way you're leaving the house looking like that, young lady."

"Looking like what?"

"Like a f***ing phone case, that's what."

10) This person who's clearly trying to sneak through airport security

"Let him through, Bob - he has no ankles. No ankles, no passport necessary. That's the rule."

9) This bus

Don't know how this one got in here either... it's just a bus. Sorry, our bad.


"Sharon! Sharon! It's happening again!"

7) This guy at a high-end restaurant

"And what will sir's chair be ordering today?"

6) This pervert

He knows what he's doing. He's doing the old "dress up like a sofa, sit on a sofa, bide my time, wait till sofa shoppers sit on me" scam. We've got your number, buddy.

5) This tree

Horrible feeling when you show up to a party and a tree is wearing the same outfit.

4) This horizon

"You have crabs, you know."

3) This levitating wizard

Wizards confirmed.

2) This sofa

"Hmm, that sofa looks tempting... Think I'll have a seat and plan some terrorist atrocities OH SWEET MERCIFUL LORD, THE ARMY! IT'S THE ARMY AGAIN, DOING THE SOFA THING! EVERY FREAKING TIME I SIT DOWN IT TURNS OUT TO BE AN ARMY DUDE WITH A GUN!"

1) This perfectly ordinary hotel corridor

Don't know how this one got in here either, sorry guys.