Greggs have just released a diet plan and we're as confused as you are

Nothing in this world is more satisfying than a hot sausage roll, and that is an undeniable scientific fact. But, for most of us, hitting Greggs is a treat - or at least something we feel a bit guilty about.

Well, the bakery chain have been keen to drop their unhealthy image, and have released a diet plan which they claim will reduce your waistline in just 30 days. The "Minimise Me" plan, (playing on the Morgan Spurlock documentary "Supersize Me") features only foods available to purchase at Greggs - and there's even a sausage roll and some pizza thrown in as weekend treats.

Credit: Twitter

The plan was trialled with four dieters from across the UK, with a two-stone weight loss between them in just a month. They've also collectively lost 14 inches from their waists.

Far from the carb-free diets we punish ourselves with to feel good on our summer holidays, this has snacks, cheese, a couple of cakes and even a katsu chicken bake. The plan was devised by dietitian Laura Clark, and is aimed at women aged between 35 and 45.

It definitely looks tempting and way less demoralising than the 5:2 diet, and apparently it's "scientifically proven" which means it must work. Twitter users have had some mixed reactions:

If it makes us feel better about tucking into a pasty on our lunch break, it can only be a good thing. We'll wait to see if it actually makes us lose weight.