Greek Island bans ALL foreign weddings after a couple's hugely inappropriate photo goes viral

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, and for that reason you want to take beautiful pictures that you can look back on and maybe show your kids in the future.

But for one Birmingham couple, their NSFW photos definitely won't be shown to the kids any time soon.

Matthew Lunn and his new wife Christy were married on the Greek Island of Rhodes, and wanted to take some photos that were 'more in keeping' with their cheeky and risqué sense of humour...

Ah, nothing quite says 'to have and to hold' like holding your partner's genitals in your mouth and capturing it all on camera.

The photos were posted on Facebook, quickly going viral and causing outrage among many.

Amongst those unimpressed were Matthew's own grandfather, who speaking to the MailOnlinecalled the photos 'disgusting.'

However, worse than this, Rhode Island's top bishop has since released a statement banning all foreign weddings at St Paul's Monastery.

Speaking to The Times, he said:

'We are Greek and we cherish our traditions and the sanctity of our religious sites. We cannot allow this disgusting behaviour to prevail.'

As a result, hundreds of couples have been forced to re-think their wedding plans in line with this decision.

Thanks for ruining it for everyone guys.