Grandma accidentally buys explicit book for grandchild in amusing error

An innocent grandma has been left mortified after she accidentally bought an obscene book that she thought was for kids.

Mum Tiffany tweeted a photo of a book that her mum had bought for her 6 year old having clearly not read it herself:

The book, called 'If Animals Could Talk', had all the exterior signs that would definitely lead one to think it was for children.

Except that when you actually READ it, it was definitely, DEFINITELY not suitable for kids, especially those aged 6 years old or younger.

One Twitter user remarked that it was incredibly lucky that Tiffany had taken a look at the book before reading it to her kids, except, well... she hadn't either.

It sounds like Tiffany's mum was pretty mortified, but claimed innocence having found the book in the kids' section of Barnes & Noble.

Maybe they can save the book until her children are a bit older...