Graduating? The ULTIMATE guide to becoming a fully fledged adult

Your years at university are supposed to be the best years of your life. You wake up at 1pm everyday, 'doing life' is an optional activity, and you somehow come out with a decent 2.1 despite going to none of your lectures. You're basically unemployed and a borderline alcoholic but your parents are really proud of you.

So graduating can be whole lot of scary. Suddenly everything you used to do everyday becomes unacceptable. The days of lie ins and casual drinking are over and you actually have to ADULT.

Well, lucky for you we've teamed up with TM Lewin to give you the ULTIMATE guide to nailing the post-university life and becoming a fully fledged adult.

1. Look the part

If nothing else, the first and most important part of becoming an adult is looking the part. It's time to ditch those slightly tragic sports trackies (we get it, you played football for uni once and it was with the fifths) and trade them up for a chic and professional look that's going to land you a sweet job in the city.

Luckily for you, TM Lewin are here to help by offering you the suavest shirts and suits around. So even if you haven't *quite* landed that grad scheme yet, at least it looks like you have.

2. Learn to budget (properly this time)

We all said we'd do it at uni but within the first 5 minutes of handing over your card in the club that first night of freshers any sense of budgeting went straight out the window. Without student finance or your overdraft to bail you out, budgeting is essential to surviving adult life.

Give yourself a realistic budget - enough to see you through the week, but not so little that you'll always be going over it. Maybe those uni days of TREAT YOSELF might have to be a bit fewer and further in between until you've landed a job that can pay for all those pints.

3. Learn how to cook at least ONE meal really well

Whilst pasta and pot noodle may have sufficed at uni, it's not going to cut it in the adult world. It's about time you got to grips with a kitchen and learnt how to cook one meal at least relatively well.

If you can't face a cookbook, Pinterest and BBC Good Food have plenty of quick and easy recipes that can make you feel as though you're Jamie Oliver, so really there's no excuse.

4. Get to bed on time

Graduate and adult life mean you'll probably be getting a job, which most likely means a 9am start (but unlike uni, it's not optional). So maybe stop binge watching the entirety of Netflix until 4am and get to bed in reasonable time.

5. Read some good books

Yep. Stop watching Netflix, put down the memes and actually pick up a book. Knowledge is power, right? Unless you did English at uni, chances are you never did much optional reading. Being an adult means you have more opportunity to read for enjoyment without your uni friends there to call you a nerd.

6. Learn to like coffee

Being a fully fledged adult means being permanently tired, so caffeine is your friend. Learn to like coffee and those 6am wake ups might be a little less painful.

7. Make more sophisticated alcohol choices

No, being able to 'strawpedo' a bottle of wine in 5 seconds is not impressive. It's time to swap your cocktail of Jaëger and Redbull for Espresso Martinis. Start appreciating wine based on its taste rather than it's low price to high alcohol percentage ratio.

Gone are the days of drinking to get drunk, now you drink to forget the fact you'll never be able to get a mortgage and you actually have to pay back your student loan. But at least you *look* sophisticated, right?

8. Have a rehearsed answer to the question 'So what are your plans after uni?'

Every single one of your mum's friends, great aunts, grandmas, and family members you didn't even know existed will be lining up to ask you the dreaded question 'but seriously, what CAN you do with a History degree?' None of your damn business, Susan. It's called f-unemployment.

9. Actually get a job

You guessed it! To be an adult you actually do have to get a job. Whether it be to save money to go travelling or getting your foot in the door of the industry you want to go into, you need to get a job after you graduate. And at least then you'll have an answer for when Susan asks what you're doing with that History degree.

Can't decide what to wear to an interview? Fear not, because TM Lewin have got you sorted with shirts and suits that will see you through an interview tenser than Alan Sugar's boardroom.

10. Enjoy yourself

It sounds cringe and a bit lame, but just because uni is over, it doesn't mean the best years of your life are. You don't have any more essays and exams and hopefully with a job you'll have a bit more money, too.

To really look your best and land that dream graduate job, TM Lewin have got everything you need to look and act the part with top quality shirts and suits to keep you looking suave.