Got sperm? Willing to part with it? Trade it for an iPhone 6s...

Got sperm? Willing to part with it? You can trade it for an iPhone...

If you're extremely excited about the release of the iPhone 6s, today could very well be your lucky day. Chinese sperm banks are willing to give you an iPhone 6s in return for around 18ml of something you, ahem, probably weren't planning on keeping anyway.

The advert has been circulated on Chinese social media, with 20% of users of Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Facebook) saying they didn't like the advert, and a whopping 27% saying they were going to donate as soon as physically possible.

The advert reads "No need to sell a kidney ... Shanghai sperm bank can make your iPhone 6S dream come true." and is a response to a sperm shortage, and a horrifying story that a Chinese student in Chenzhou City sold his kidney in order to buy an iPhone and iPad. An iPhone and iPad which will be out of date when the latest model is released later this week.

So if you have access to sperm, are in China for your holidays and don't mind parting with 18ml of your genes, now is your chance to get yourself an iPhone 6s. You can worry about all your descendants tracking you down in 18 years time, long after your iPhone's battery has stopped functioning.