20 Google autocompletes that make hilarious and profound poems

Sometimes when you Google, complete poems come up in the autocomplete section, if you just know to look for them...

20) For the last time, Obama, no, yes, ask your mother, no.

19) Keep on rocking

18) We've all been there

17) All of life summarised

16) A poem that escalates way too fast

15) I am all these things

14) Who the hell googles this stuff?

13) Uplifting...

12) I live... in fear of this guy

11) Don't go.

10) We're Iron Man?

9) Google was around in the 1400s?

8) Sad now

7) We feel you, buddy

6) Sometimes I'm a little drunk when I Google?

5) Where the hell are you with my Cheetos?

4) Who's Googling "get out"? Is there someone behind you at the time? This is very passive aggressive...

3) Uncertainty

2) Optimistic

1) WHY???

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