Glasgow to host a 'Wineathlon' - 10k run with wine at pitstops

Ever gone for a jog and wished you were drunk? Or been incredibly drunk and wished you were running? Ever wished both these things, and that also you were f*&king freezing and wearing a bib?

Well, wish no more. Glasgow has got you covered. The city is to host a "Wineathlon" this September. "A wineathlon?" you say, "what in the merry hell is that, and where do I sign up?"

Is this the first ever fun run that was actually "fun"?

The event, to take place September 24th, is a 10 kilometre race which offers wine at rest stops, instead of water. With booze aplenty, this could be the first "fun run" that was actually any fun.

Hundreds of people have already signed up for the race, which the organisers have described as an ‘easy trail’ that's designed to be fun.

A runner here, photographed choosing the right grape to pair with Jaffa Cakes, also on offer at the pit-stops.

Massively motivating

Unsurprisingly, previous runners of the wineathlon have found the booze at pit stops to be massively motivating, drawing a crowd of runners as well as wine enthusiasts. It's unclear what the net benefit to the runner's health will be, though a recent study found that alcohol had minimal impact on the performance of runners.

The hosts currently have no plans to create a triathlon that motivates you with rocks of crack, or a paper-chase where the paper is replaced with baggies of heroin.