Girls win Pointless jackpot thanks to strange advice from boyfriend

Girls! Sometimes it pays off to listen to your boyfriend, as these girls will surely be able to tell you after bagging £2,250 on BBC's Pointless.

Sisters Tasha and Jo managed to win their way to the final showdown and needed to come up with three answers to the questions 'Euro 2000 goalscorers,' 'Brit award winners' and 'actors from Snatch.'

Both admitted to not being huge Football fans but Tasha said that she wanted to have one answer because of something her boyfriend, Alex, had told her in preparation.

So they gave former Swedish footballer Henrik Larsson as an answer to the 'Euro 2000' category and, to their surprise, it came up trumps!

Pointless presenter, Richard Osman asked the pair if there was a story behind the answer, to which Tasha responded, giving the quite remarkable explanation.

Well done, girls, but great advice, Alex!