Girl's mum refuses to believe she's at a friends house and makes her 'pass' a crazy test

Parents can always be a bit annoying. Whether it be nagging or saying no purely because they 'said so', it's a pain being subjected to their authority.

It's even more annoying when you think you're an independent adult - you can drive, you can do most things for yourself, and yet your mum still turns round and says 'where are you going? who are you going with? when will you be back?'

But if you think your mum is bad, you should think again, because Twitter user Kaelyn Demmon has once and for all trumped everyone with most insane 'mum rules' ever:

When at a friend's house, Kaeyln's mum asked a series of ridiculous questions as she clearly didn't believe that Kaelyn was where she said she was:

Good LORD. Kaelyn literally had to jump through a huge number of hoops until her mum was FINALLY satisfied with her answer.

Twitter expressed it's sympathy and solidarity with Kaelyn's crazy mum, with others saying they had similar experiences, or even some mums saying they'd tried the same with their daughters:

Maybe Kaelyn's mum should just get the new snapchat update or add her on find your friends, either way it looks like Kaelyn won't be getting away with anything for a long time.