Girl's mum enjoys first day of uni more than her

Your first day of uni is always scary. You've left the safety of all your friends and family at home and you're desperately praying your roommate isn't going to be the hooded recluse you hear about in uni horror stories.

There's also that extra added worry that your parents are going to be super embarrassing and destroy all your hopes of making any friends whatsoever.

However, for Avery Leilani it was quite the opposite. After being dropped off for her college orientation at Texas State University, Leilani got a text from her mum saying that she'd managed to make a couple of new friends herself...

Rather than embarrassing Leilani, her mum seemed to be upstaging her as she immediately made friends with the uni's football team.

Looks like it could be Leilani embarrassing her mum... let's just hope Leilani's attempts to make friends are as successful as her mum's.