Girl trolls 'Liam Payne catfish' with One Direction puns on Tinder

Tinder is a wonderful place full of those young and old, looking for love or something less permanent.

Some even have certain techniques to make their profile seem more appealing; some put 'sexy' selfies up, some make fun of the fact that they are on Tinder and some just lie.

'Catfishing' is the term used for lying in this way, with a whole movie and TV series dedicated to catching those responsible. But some people are so blatantly catfishing that they are often trolled.

One way to be found out to be catfishing is to claim you are part of one of the biggest boybands on the planet.

Well, that is what 'James' did, by claiming to have the looks of Liam Payne from One Direction.

He wishes ladies to believe that he is one-fifth? Quarter? of the boyband that rose to prominence after the X Factor. But also the man who appears to be very happy with Cheryl (whatever her name is these days). Not a very wise move, James.

Amber (below, left) saw James on the dating app and decided to have a little fun with him... by slipping in little One Direction puns into the conversation until James noticed what the hell was going on.

She starts out by accidentally (on purpose) calling him by the wrong name, then goes in with lots of lyrics and song titles. Look:

She appears to give up after a while, but that doesn't mean she finished, James was very persistent and clear with his goal.

Suppose it is the little things that get us through the day.