Girl thinks she's left enough time for essay, forgets to schedule in time for crying

A student who thought she was nailing her essay over the weekend was disappointed to find out at 3am that she'd neglected to schedule in time for crying.

Claire, 20, is smarter than most students. First, she schedules in time for her essays, which nobody else does outside of exam time.

Second, when she made her schedule she was honest with herself and scheduled in time for Netflix, cooking and eating a shitload of food and procrastinating by staring at a wall for several hours when all else failed.

Claire was absolutely nailing her essay, until she looked at the clock at three in the morning and realised she'd forgotten to allow time for copious amounts of sobbing.

Amateur mistake. Unfortunately for Claire, things were about to get a lot worse.

"By the time I'd realised my error I'd already wasted about 40 minutes crying my eyes out, and 20 minutes yelling 'WHY ME? JESUS CHRIST WHY ME' at the sky," the History student told Student Money Saver.

"What the hell was I supposed to do now? I only had 6 hours left before hand in."

With not long left, Claire's thoughts turned drastic.

"I thought about shifting things around, maybe cancelling a bit of Netflix or Facebook browsing. Then I sat there for a while and thought "f*********ck... I haven't scheduled in time for a rescheduling. That took another ten minutes."

"That made me cry some more. Now I was trapped in a loop."

"Just one more episode of Big Bang Theory"

With time running out, Claire eventually decided to do the unimaginable:

"I had to cut out two episodes of the Big Bang Theory in the end," she told us, sounding tired and sobbing a little.

"Now I'll never know whether Sheldon said something nerdy to the other nerds. Not until the next essay is due, anyway."

Claire ended up spending another forty minutes watching Netflix, and a brisk 20 pressing refresh on her Facebook page to see if any of her other course friends were still doing their essays, before seriously knuckling down.

Claire says she is now reasonably happy with her essay, and plans to always set aside an hour or so for crying in the future.