This girl thought she texted her mum but got a VERY different response

It's 2017, we all know how to send a text. Or do we? Clearly these people are having trouble understanding the concept, with hilarious consequences. This Twitter user Cassidy Baldwin was innocently trying to show her mum her arm, but instead got someone entirely different.

Pictures: Twitter @Cassidybaldwin

What a kind stranger, caring about her wellbeing like that.

And Cassidy isn't the only one to suffer at the hands of a missed digit. This next one might have forged a brand new friendship that went over the generations.

Pictures: Twitter @benadrylya

Would you take fashion advice from a stranger? This guy did, and we think it worked out pretty well.

Pictures: Twitter @SchooleySports

Far from cool af whale tanktops, this guy just got to get his sins off his chest. Will he ever get Judy's number, and will she ever forgive him? We'll never know.

Picture: Twitter @Tiana_The_Great

As a rule, never talk about sex toys with someone unless you're sure you have the right number. Unfortunately this poor person didn't get the memo, and will not be making a sale today.

Pictures: Twitter @DRKALLDAY

Even though Jeff wasn't real, that salesperson was catering to his needs and should get a customer service award. PSA, though, please stop texting random numbers and check next time.

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