Girl sends angry letter to her neighbours and starts a war

Most people have a tenuous relationship with their neighbours, they're often either too loud at night or too loud early in the morning. They slam the doors and play their music way too loud.

Well @morgxmarie, a creative writing major, found that her neighbours were just too loud and she could not take it anymore.

Morgue wrote them a letter to find out why they were so loud:

'dear assholes,

why are you so loud after 9pm everyday? are you f*cking sumo wrestlers, or do you possibly have lead f*cking feet? ya'll are really wild as hell. It was funny @ first, but now you're just annoying! please, calm the f*ck down.

have an excellent night.

p.s. if you're selling tickets to the 1 am basketball games let us know :-)'

She then received a very unexpected reply through her letterbox from the neighbours upstairs:

The neighbours had made their own tickets for the basketball match with the two teams - 2nd floor b*tches vs 3rd floor lead foot assholes. With the barcode reading 'THIS IS NOT A F****** JOKE'.

This definitely isn't going to help their relationship. Good luck Morgue.