Girl scout sets up cookie shop outside weed store

A girl scout has started selling cookies outside a weed dispensary in Portland, in a get rich quick scheme that's bound to get her rich - and quick.

The girl scout set up her cookie stall outside a Portland weed dispensary, and business is apparently booming. The only way she could sell more cookies is if the cookie monster was also a massive stoner, in fact.

Within minutes of setting up the store, which has not been condoned by the official girl scouts, the scout and her friend had a lot of customers, but that amount soon shot up when the weed shop started advertising on her behalf.

Foster Buds, the weed shop not associated with Fosters the terrible Australian beer, saw the benefit of the arrangement and posted a picture of the cookie stall, before using every known hashtag under the sun.

The munchies for profit - and horse camp

The scout, who will surely earn her business acumen badge, set up the stall with the banner "satisfy your munchies" underneath her array of cookies. She plans to use the money she's earned in order to pay for horse camp later this summer.

We have a lot of time for the business acumen of a girl scout who set up her cookie stall outside a Portland weed dispensary.

With the help of her aunt, the girl set up shop in front of Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary in the hope that she might raise enough money to pay for ‘horse camp’ (we won’t pretend to know what that is) which takes place this summer.

Unsurprisingly, the girl scouts aren't exactly on board with this tactic.

"The Girl Scouts organisation said they don’t condone this, but it’s not against the rules," she told news outlet KATU.

But every other stoner, cookie enthusiast and businessman has this girl's back. Millie's cookies could soon follow suit, and crush her business within days.