Girl replaces family photos with pictures of her dog and her mum is NOT amused

Embarrassing family photos are a staple of every household. Regardless of how dated your hairstyle is now, or how ridiculously shiny your graduation picture managed to come out despite all your best make up efforts, your parents just have to display these emblems of embarrassment anyway.

However, sick of seeing her same family photos every day, one girl decided to recreate them... using her dog.

Using a mixture of old clothes and items lying around the house, Twitter user @mhooper_2014 dressed dog Dixie to the ca..nines, recreating and then replacing the original photos. Completely opposite to the usual horrifying results of professional photos, Dixie appeared quite the natural...

Dixie does look pretty pawesome...

Whilst Dixie may have been enjoying the limelight, Hooper's mum didn't seem so keen on the idea:

It was all fun and games until Hooper's mum dealt this savage reply

Looks like Dixie could definitely pick up a degree in modelling...

If you want more of Dixie's modelling exploits... she even has her own Instagram page, kudos Dixie 💅