Girl proud of her baking efforts gets savage response from grandma

Ever posted your baking efforts to Facbebook for your friends to see? Maybe get a few likes and a comment of "ooh that looks nice x x x" from one of your parents?

Well that's what one person did yesterday, only to receive an absolutely brutal reply from a stranger's grandma.

Alison McCaffery made Tattie Scones yesterday. For any non-Scots who are wondering what Tattie scones are...

Though they weren't perfect, she was proud of her efforts. After all, it was her first try. Proud of herself, she published pictures to Facebook.

The likes came pouring in. Few loves as well. What she wasn't expecting was an honest response from grandmother Hazel Ramsay.

With a tone like she is just stating facts, Hazel Ramsay casually informs Alison "Sorry but they look shite hope they tasted better than they looked I've no tried the recipe yet I will post a picture x"

And she wasn't kidding either. Hazel went away and baked her own set of tattie scones in order to really rub it in.

She posed with her scones for her fans.

Not content to leave it there, when Alison updated her Facebook profile picture to one of her with a waffle face, Hazel commented again.

Hazel is now waiting for the call from Channel 4 to present the next season of bake-off.

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