Girl hilariously trolls Tinder match by explaining the plot to Finding Nemo

A girl on Tinder has brilliantly trolled a guy by making him believe that her brother has been kidnapped by divers and kept in a tank by a man called Phillip Sherman.

Twitter user @karnatz_carly from North Carolina, posted the exchange after successfully convincing a boy called Matthew that her ten-year-old brother was being held hostage after swimming out to a boat and being captured by divers.

Horny guys are so gullible sometimes.

She starts out slowly, and you can kind of believe that what she describes could have happened.

But after a while, it starts to get a little ridiculous, and you wonder how someone could believe it.

She even gets P. Sherman into it!

Bless him, though. He was a good person about it, very supportive, albeit a bit clueless.

As the star of the movie is Ellen DeGeneres, some have been asking for it to be included in a segment on her show: