Girl attempts to smuggle curry to Spain, for friends to nom on

An Irish girl has gone above and beyond the call of duty, smuggling a curry to her friends in Spain.

Nicola Shepherd, who lives with a couple of other Irish friends in Spain, was having "serious curry munchies" when she decided to visit her family back in Ireland. Whilst she was back in Ireland, she decided to

"Sort out what has to be the ultimate plan of the year. A plan that may change the way deliveries are done forever.”

That plan was to smuggle a curry back to her friends in Spain, even though you're only allowed 100ml liquids on a plane.

First, she bought the curry.

So far, so easy. Then she crammed it into a bag, getting rid of non-curried items like clothing.

Despite her bag smelling of delicious takeaway, she was allowed to board the plane.

“The flight in question Dublin (40km from origin) to Madrid (450km from destination) was a jittery one filled with lots of turbulence- the Shepard feared, but not for her life but for the cheeky curry wrapped carefully and tucked into her case which lay beneath in the baggage hold!” Nicola told HelloU.

The curry landed

And she didn't even eat it on the flight.

The takeaway, which made its way 2000km, was nommed. Happy ending.

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