Girl gets stood up, goes on the date anyway to show date what he missed

A girl who got stood up by her date decided to go on the date anyway, and live tweet the whole thing to show him what he missed.

When Mimi Black got stood up, she decided that she was going to miss out on a perfectly date just because the guy hadn't shown up.

The Scottish 21 year old snapchatted herself "having a great time" anyway.

First her "bae" treated her to a bag from Anne Summers.

And then cocktails...

And a Maccies. Her imaginary date had clearly bankrupted himself after buying a handbag, lingerie and a cocktail.

Upon returning home, she snapchatted the lingerie she bought on her "date", reiterating that she'd had pretty much the perfect date.

After tweeting her date to the world, her story has gone pretty viral.

Since then she's received thousands of messages along the lines of "


And offers of dates

And less subtle offers of dates

Eventually, she even heard from the guy who stood her up.

All in all, it's probably easier to cut the second person out of every date, by the looks of things.

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