Girl gets really high and made a powerpoint about Shrek's children. It's glorious.

A girl has gone viral after getting really really high and waking up to find she'd made a full powerpoint presentation about Shrek's children, from the Shrek films.

Adea Pristine, in her own words, "Got rly high last night and made a powerpoint about Shrek's children. I hate myself."

Well, no-one else hates her, because her her presentation is pure, unadulterated WTF.

What's that, you didn't know Shrek had kids? Here's Adea's presentation, for the uninitiated.

They're good friends with Donkey's children, apparently. That's nice. That's the kind of stuff you need to put into a presentation about Shrek's children, good work Adea. But we need more. Oh, there's more.

"But how can I differentiate them?" You ask. Adea's got you covered.

Before Adea sobered up / slept it off, she finished off the presentation with a "fun facts" section, because why the hell not?

After she tweeted her presentation to the world, it went viral. Other people tested Adea's knowledge on Shrek's kids, even though she's clearly the world's authority on the subject, as she even knew that Felicia's doll is named "Sir Squeakles".