Girl gets hilarious surprise when buying a top on Depop

How amazing is it when you buy something from Asos or wherever and there's a pack of sweets or perfume sample in the bag?

Well, this is a slightly more adventurous purchase addition, and it comes from the popular social selling site Depop.

Poppy Sheppard, who studies at Central Saint Martins, bought this rather fetching Adidas top on the app.

Credit: Twitter

However, it was a little late as the seller had forgotten to post it on time. Understandable, we think.

What she found in the bag with the top, as a consolation though, is hilarious.

Credit: Twitter

For some, that is a million times better than a pack of Love Hearts or some Juicy Fruit gum.

Asos, take note. These are the freebies the public wants.