Girl expertly shuts down online dater asking for nude pics

Will guys ever learn? Asking someone online for nude pictures opens you up to all kinds of vulnerability to have the shit ripped out of you.

Well, evidently Alex has not learned his lesson. Imgur user leonaloir posted images of her conversation with him, where he asks her to send images of her body.

Leona uses this opportunity to troll him expertly- first of all being into the idea, then shutting him down hilariously.

Young Alex tells Leona that he wants to see her body, to which she says "ooohhh. You wanna see my body?" Before suggesting parts: "My thighs? My breasts? My legs too?"

Alex just wants any picture on offer. He is thinking it is going great, but what follows surely came as a surprise, as he doesn't say any more:

She then posts the screenshots online with the caption: "Some asshole online Fuckboy kept hammering me for nudes. He got what he asked for ;)"

The post has attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, mostly with amazing chicken-based puns:

Some complimenting her on her creativity:

And some rather confused admirers:

Well, played Leona. Don't think you will be hearing from him again.