Student emails crush with PowerPoint presentation on "WHY YOU SHOULD DATE ME"

A student has emailed her crush with a six-page PowerPoint presentation on why he should be dating her - but didn't quite get the response she wanted.

Lizzy Fenton, who studies at UMN, sent her crush a presentation entitled "WHY YOU SHOULD DATE ME" which included statistical analysis on her expected boob growth over time.

The presentation has won over half the internet, but as you'll see by Carter's response, it didn't go down so well with her crush.

It starts out bold...

Gets bolder...

And then does some statistical analysis of boob growth over the years, and projections for the future.

Lizzy is a biologist, so when she tells you each breast will be roughly the circumference of a human head by 2025, you can trust her on that.

As an added bonus, she includes financial information and a promise that she could support him.

And backed it all up with five-star reviews from everyone from his ex-girlfriend, to her own mum.

Her presentation went viral on twitter, due to its hilarity.

But it wasn't entirely a joke, and she actually sent him the presentation. She was probably pretty confident it would work. What potential date actually goes to the effort of creating a .ppt, after all?

And unfortunately, it didn't work.

But she did impress Microsoft...

... and in the end isn't that more important?


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