Girl attempts to do BBQ, fails spectacularly

A girl has documented her (failed) attempt to hold a BBQ for one.

Imgur user pwndasan snap-chatted her friend every last detail of her spectacular failure, which lasted a full two hours and resulted in burned eyebrows, lost dignity, and some pretty terrible looking burgers.

BBQs are hard.

She started out confidently.

Quickly, that changed.

After that, Jesus took the wheel.

Unfortunately, Jesus was pretty incompetent at BBQs.

But apparently it smelled good.

At this point she discovered she'd even f*cked up the buns.

Luckily, the resulting burgers were small enough for hot dog buns.

The next batch was worse.

Once they were done, she checked the time. Bad idea.

At that point, God started mocking her BBQ skills cruelly.

At this point she vowed never to BBQ again.

Only used once. Terribly.

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