Girl annoyed that UCAS told her bf to dump her before he goes to uni

A girl has vented her rage at university application processors UCAS after they advised her boyfriend to dump her before he heads off to uni.

19-year-old Lauren Rosenbaum, from Fife, got pretty annoyed when UCAS sent her boyfriend Max Brooks a leaflet of advice before going to uni.

The advice included "boyfriends/girlfriends" on a list of "what not to take to uni" because apparently UCAS also do Agony Aunt-style life advice now.

Lauren tweeted the offending advice, which she had some minor issues with...

"That ain't right"

Max is going off to Naiper University in September. Lauren was hoping to join him, but unfortunately didn't get on to the journalism course this year.

So she was probably already pretty pissed off at UCAS for separating her and her boyfriend, before they even started to tell him to dump her.

But she wasn't going to let him go that easily. If they are going to break up, she's determined it won't be because the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service told them to.

Others who received the advice were also annoyed by it.

No intention of breaking up

Lauren told the Mail Online that despite being on the list of "what not to take to uni" the two had no intention to call it quits.

"We both found it really funny as we know we'll be fine. We have no intentions of breaking up when he leaves."

"Everyone else has also found it quite funny and I have had some people say it's true and most couples break up when they go to uni but it doesn't affect me, they don't know my relationship."

Last month, UCAS confused the hell out of everyone by sending everyone tampons through the post.