Get ready! Domino's are giving away FREE pizzas today, and here's how you can get yours

Two for Tuesday is arguably the best day of the week.

The only thing that could possibly top it would be FREE pizza, and £25 would certainly go a decent way.

Yesterday Domino's launched their new gift card service, Official Food of Everything.

They'll be allowing you to purchase gift cards for every occasion. Here are some of our favourites:

  • The official food of 'YES, THE WEDDING'S OVER'.
  • The official food of finding the one.
  • The official food of the morning after the night before.
  • The official food of giving you free pizza instead of actually having to put my emotions into words.
  • The official food of delaying learning how to cook for as long as possible.

Basically, something for every mood!

As a celebration, they gave away 100 gift cards to the first people to visit their site. Don't fret if you missed it though, because they're doing it all over again TODAY.

All you need to do is visit the site at 12 noon, and hope that you'll be one of the lucky ones! Their 'feed 4' deal at the moment is only £22.99, so there'll even be a few quid left for extra dessert.

If you're not a chosen one but you're still hankering for pizza, you can get a free £15 to spend there just by joining Quidco or 25% off £25 orders with your NUS card. Don't say we're not good to you.