Genius student spends loan on partying, sets up GoFundMe page to get out of debt

A student who partied her way to the limits of her overdraft has set up an online funding campaign to clear her debt.

Emma McCormick, genius, set up a GoFundMe page asking for kind strangers to donate money to her after she spent too much money on "going out, alcohol, make up. Going to coffee shops, this that and the other."

Emma believed that if Kanye West could receive donations to clear his debt, she could too:

“After embarking on a voyage to the mainland (aka England), I’ve faced the hardships that every student has underwent," she wrote on her GoFundMe page.

“The costs of nightclub entry and trebles do add up, whilst the overdraft hits sky rocket figures. If Kanye West can receive donations, I hope I can too.”

It turns out she was correct. The Newcastle University student has raised £670 so far.

One anonymous stranger donated £500.

"I was quite frivolous with spending money"

Emma, from Belfast, said that she had blown her entire student loan on normal student activities, such as shoe shopping and clubbing.

"I had been out on a night out with my flatmates and friends," she told the Tab, "and we realised we had spent around about £30."

"It wasn't even that much, and we were in my flatmate's bedroom and I checked my bank balance and I had gone into my overdraft quite badly."

Aside from extravagant and £30 trips to nightclubs, she also spent her money on decadent things like food, make up and going to coffee shops.

"It was a general accumulation of everything - going out, alcohol, make up. Going to coffee shops, this that and the other."

"I was quite frivolous with spending money like any other student is."

Unlike other students, however, Emma (18) had closely followed Kanye West's plea for money after he got into debt he couldn't get out of:

"Kayne West had set up a page. He went into all this debt and [...] was asking someone from Apple or Facebook to give him money."

"And I was talking to my friends back home."

"They said odds on, you make a GoFundMe page. It all happened in one night."

Before she knew it, she had a donation of a whole £10, beating Kanye's own donations.

"Kanye spare me a bit of money?"

Joke gets out of hand, she earns £600+

Emma, of course, set the whole thing up as a (very funny) joke about Kanye West's appeal for money to clear his debt. This was lost on the newspapers, however, with the Daily Mail reporting that this was a genuine attempt by a student to get her extravagant party lifestyle funded by the public.

Emma actually works in Next to help with her uni costs, rather than ask for donations from kind strangers, and actually has £500 saved for the summer of her own money, and is no longer in her £250 overdraft.

She took to Facebook to clear things up, writing:

"Firstly I HAVE A JOB that I got when I was 16 and I've had the same one since

"People aka middle aged people in Britain should learn to take a joke; it came from a comical satire piece in the tab and the papers jumped on it demolishing this fact and now people are commenting like I'm the blame for the financial situation of the United Kingdom lmao"

"I actually have 500 quid saved for summer ... And an overdraft capped at £250 which I'm no longer in lol"

"Also can I add that every student is in THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF DEBT considering the GOVERNMENT choose to INCREASE TUITION FEES to 9K A YEAR in England. So this could very easily turn political, obviously I wouldn't object as politics is my passion. OVER N OUT."

However her joke backfired and she received actual donations, totalling £670 so far. She plans to use the money to fund a volunteer project after uni.

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