Genius man successfully gets pizza delivered to moving train

A man has successfully had a pizza delivered to a moving train, proving you never have to travel from Glasgow to Sheffield without cramming your face full of Domino's ever again.

Dubstep producer DJ Artwork took a train from Glasgow to Sheffield over the weekend when he realised he'd gotten on, like an idiot, with no food and no means of acquiring food without asking other (better organised passengers) for their food, or checking bins.

With no other option, he then asked his massive 44,000 twitter followers if any of them would give him some lunch.

Turns out no-one was willing to do that. If you forgot your lunch, you don't eat, no matter how many twitter followers you have. Them's the rules of the train.

Or so we thought. Having an idea that will truly revolutionise train dining and pizza, he decided to try and get some Domino's.

The artist contacted Domino’s and asked the staff to meet him at Darlington, praying that the train would arrive on time and his pizza would remain at least lukewarm.

After all the waiting, it finally happened. A group of Domino's workers showed up looking slightly bemused and a tad annoyed, but - crucially - carrying pizza.

I just got a pizza delivered to a train.
Posted by Artwork on Sunday, 24 April 2016

He, staff members on the train and the internet then celebrated his pizza success.

Unfortunately, in the excitement he had "panicked a bit" and ordered pineapple as a topping, ruining what could have been one of the greatest successes for mankind to date.

Later on in the same journey he tried to get champagne ordered to the train, to celebrate, but was unsuccessful.

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