GBBO is back today - Here's what you can expect

No-one quite knows why the Great British Bake Off is so popular.

It could be to do with the endless innuendo, the food porn-worthy treats, or the weird and wonderful contestants it attracts.

Either way, we're hooked, and super excited that it's back on our screens tonight.

BUT, things are gonna be pretty different this time around, and it's even on a new channel. So, here's what's changed with our favourite UK-based baking competition:

The channel

A firm BBC favourite, the show has now moved to Channel 4. Critics have hinted that this might make for a more edgy and risque show, as C4 has a very different identity to its license-funded cousin.

The time

It used to be a Wednesday staple, but Channel 4 has other ideas. You can now get your GBBO fix on Tuesday nights at 8pm. Cancel your pilates, move your dinner plans, shit's about to get real.

The hosts

Probably the most controversial change of all has been the change to the hosting and judging team. What used to be a harmonious team of Sue and Mel, and Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, now only has Paul left from the original lineup.

The new gang will be:

  • Noel Fielding
  • Sandy Toksvig
  • Prue Leith
  • and of course Paul (the traitor) Hollywood

Thankfully the format will be staying the same, with three challenges and one elimination each episode.

The categories haven't yet been revealed, so we'll have to wait and see what ridiculously tasty looking food the contestants will be baking. We have heard there's rainbow cake, though!

So far, the previews have received rave reviews from critics, so all is not lost. There's also this amazing GBBO drinking game from The Poke that always goes down well - even on a Tuesday.

Check out the trailer here.