Gay couple kicked out of Sainsbury's for massively stupid reason

A gay couple say they were kicked out of a Sainsbury's branch by a security guard - purely because they were holding hands.

Thomas Rees and his boyfriend Josh were shopping in a Sainsbury's in Hackney when a security guard asked them to leave for "touching inappropriately", after someone in store had complained about them holding hands.

Thomas Rees told ITV he was left shocked by the incident:

"My boyfriend and I went to our local Sainsbury's holding hands as we normally do, just general public displays of affection and we didn't notice anything untoward or weird."

"In East London it's not uncommon but we noticed the security guard staring."

Then, when the 32-year-old and his boyfriend had finished paying for his shopping (and were about to leave the store anyway) the two were beckoned over by the guard.

They told Buzzfeed News that they thought at first they must have accidentally stolen something “because we were made to feel like criminals”.

"He then approached us and asked us to follow him outside.”

Thomas and Josh and Sainsbury's Hackney | Images via Facebook and Google Maps

"Live and let live"

The guard said he was "brought up to believe in live and let live”, but a customer had said they were touching and behaving inappropriately.

“We were holding hands, arms around each other’s waists, basically showing public displays of affection." Rees told Buzzfeed.

“The sad thing is there are multiple situations when Josh and I are holding hands and I’m the first to push him away. But I felt safe surrounded by my community and I was oblivious and unguarded.”

“There was no sense of humility. I refuse to believe this would have happened to a heterosexual couple – we just stared in disbelief. The issue here is it felt like like 1960s Britain.”

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