The top 25 funniest things spotted at UK unis in 2015

Universities are filled with some of the smartest people in the UK. They're also filled with the oddest. Here are some of the funniest things spotted at UK universities...

25) This (accurate) pun

24) This warning sign at Cambridge, keeping the ceilings safe...

23) This Christmas tree, hiding behind other trees till Christmas at Bristol

22) Freshers at Manchester only bring the essentials...

21) This guy, casually reading one of the Harry Potter books we don't remember, whilst on a bus to uni...

20) This is a genuine problem at British universities. Please stop doing this, our sewers smell of oregano.

19) Makes a fair point, for £9,000 you'd expect to poo in private

18) My kinda library...

17) This is actually better for your posture...

16) This guy, napping on a lawnmower

15) Some pro sleeping, guaranteed to fool the librarians

14) The best textbook ever

13) This maths class, learning god knows what. The mathematics of orgasms?

12) First week back at uni, this person starts gaming in a seminar

11) This view

10) Nice technique, spotted at Newcastle Uni

9) Dumbledore, spotted at Durham

8) This STI campaign, finally explaining things in a way we understand...

7) This graffiti, getting critiqued

6) People learning about burns on a medical degree

5) This beautifully constructed essay

4) This not very well thought through netball team name

3) And this professor who could have dropped the "J"

2) This little known library hack, hidden on a book shelf

1) This way to instantly improve your hall-mates' day

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