Freshers Week Focus: 5 Reasons NOT to join The Gym

The Gym Group

One thing you definitely won’t be thinking about during Freshers Week is fitness. Hangovers, bad breath and a lack of exercise are badges of honour for students.

Lager and kebabs never killed anyone. Did they…?

Join a gym? Insanity! There’s no way you’re doing that. That’s the type of thing grown up people do. Gyms mean a load of hassle you don’t need, right?

Just to make sure, we’re giving you 5 reasons NOT to join The Gym. It’s the UK’s top budget fitness chain and believe us, it’s well out of your league…

1. The Gym is too expensive

We all know how a gym works. It looks great and it’s designed to do one thing. Drain your bank account with epic monthly fees.

Hold that thought. The Gym doesn’t do things that way. In fact it offers pretty reasonable rates. The pounds you’ll lose here are from your weight, not your wallet.

Their “Pay As You Go” approach can cost as little as £10.99 per month. And if you’re a student, there’s a 9 month deal for £109. You spend more than that down the pub.

So yeah, maybe it’s affordable. But there are other reasons that’ll put you off signing up. How about this next one…?

2. The Gym is cheap, so it’ll be rubbish

“Gym” and “budget” are 2 words which don’t go together. You want a gym to be futuristic with a lot of cool kit inside. No way you’re getting that for a tenner a month.

We have news for you. The future can be done on a budget! The Gym are ahead of the curve. They innovate while thinking of new ways to tire you out.

Stuff like Myride Indoor Cycling is cutting edge. The Gym made sure they snapped that up before many of their competitors.

Of course the equipment is probably all being used by beach-ready types, right? You’ll be about as welcome as a pool of sweat on a bench press…

3. The Gym isn’t welcoming

You know the score. Gyms are packed with Jason Stathams and Gemma Atkinsons. Abs through the roof! You’ll look like a kid in PE kit by comparison.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Gym started up so everyone could exercise. It’s the reason the whole business exists in the first place. They built a reputation on it.

Sure there’ll be some muscular people around, but the vibe is easy-going. You may even make some new friends there!

That’s all well and good. But you lead a busy life. Studying, working a part time job and socialising. If you join a gym you just won’t have time for it…

4. The Gym will be closed when I want to use it

Gyms are full of people who work the regular 9-5. Lunch breaks and early knock-offs. You don’t have that luxury as a student doing shift work at bizarre hours.

Want to know something weird? The Gym is open 24/7. So whether it’s 3pm or 3am there’s always somewhere for you to work out.

If staff aren’t there you can let yourself in and out using your PIN. This gives you flexibility in your schedule as well as your bones.

But hang on. Can’t you get all this exercise down the park for free? Is it even environmentally friendly to go down the gym these days…?

5. The Gym isn't eco-friendly

Gyms are sterile environments. It’s all metal and plastic and everyone looks like the Terminator. Surely a more natural way of working out is in the Great Outdoors?

You have a point. Though there are a couple of things you might want to think about. Nature is awesome, but has a habit of being unpredictable.

Do you really want to jog through your local park at 4 in the morning? Are you happy to be splattered with rain during your squat thrusts?

The Gym is sustainable through the sweat. It has a well-developed Green Policy which is 70% energy efficient and completely paperless.

Now you’ve seen what The Gym has to offer, you’re probably thinking about the next pint and late night kebab. Working out really isn’t for you is it?

Need more information? Read about The Gym here.