Fresher texts boss he can't make first shift for hilarious reason

We've all woken up and thought 'you know what work, not today.'

However, after several smashes of the snooze button, we've all begrudgingly dragged ourselves out of bed and made it in for 9.

Not for this one emboldened Newcastle Fresher, however, who missed his first shift for an... interesting reason.

A fresher named 'Ross' was expected to do his training shift at Newcastle club Filthy's, but never showed up.

Rather than attempting to pull a sicky or just ghosting his boss completely, Ross did at least send him the following explanation for his absence:

In very Geordie Shore-esque fashion, Ross explained that he had the chance for a threesome, and that 'a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do', appealing to his boss' empathy as another potential 'top shagger.'

Less than impressed, Filthy's took to Facebook to let the public decide Ross' fate:

Filthy's offered Ross three options, being fired, telling his mum, or getting the entire stuff lunch along with an essay about why his behaviour was inappropriate.

The public reaction was definitely mixed:

The jury is definitely not out on this one, let's hope it was worth it, Ross.