Fresher gets hilariously awful tattoo after losing odds on

Odds on is a pernicious and yet totally hilarious game.

If you haven't heard of it, the premise is simple.

You make an outlandish claim, such as 'I love VKs SO much, I'd get a tattoo of one.' Your mate, listening closely, intrigued, calls your bluff with two fateful words 'odds on?'

You, bold, intoxicated, able to conquer the world, reply to him your odds: '20.'

The room, gripped in tension, watches on as a person counts you both in.

'3, 2, 1'... you both shout the same, damning number: '15!' Your friend has called your bluff, you're getting a tattoo of a VK.

What a ridiculous example, huh? No one is THAT stupid, right... right?!

Meet University of Birmingham Law student, George.

Bored one fateful afternoon, George and his friend Cameron decided to play odds on, with the stakes being set high: someone has to get a tattoo of the UK's favourite (cheapest) alcopop: the VK.

It comes down to it: they both call 15, and George must now get a tattoo of a VK.

Rather than remembering that odds in is JUST A GAME, George agreed to come through with the tattoo, with Cameron live tweeting the whole ordeal.

The tattoo cost George £40, and was more to get filled in, meaning that the student was left without a 'flavour' to his beloved tattoo.

George decided his thigh was a discreet location for the tattoo, as 'the bum was too bait.'

I think I'll stick to Ring of Fire, to be honest.