You can get FREE WINE delivered to your door, within an hour. Here's how...

The majority of us love to kick back at night with a bottle of wine (or two).

So how about getting a FREE bottle of wine of your choice delivered straight to your door, with NO delivery fee?

You're thinking: 'where do I sign up?!'

Well the owners of 10 Cases wine bar in Covent Garden, Will Palmer and Ian Campbell, have come up with an ingenious idea to launch an app called 'Drop Wine Delivery'.

The app lets you order bottles of wine straight to your door. This is the perfect excuse to stay in, in your pyjamas, and let the wine come to you - the ideal night in.

However, thats not even the best part, when you use the app for the first time and you use this code: Zyb8eSs7 you get £10 off your first wine order, no catch!

You need to enter the code in the FREE WINE tab on the app to start, don't add it in the checkout where it says promo code!

Then once you recommend the app to a friend you get a further £5 discount in your account!

The only slight issue with the app is that its only available for Londoners at the moment, however, the app already sounds more perfect than UBER so hopefully it will be available in most big cities by the start of 2017 (we hope!).

The app allows you to select what colour and type of wine you want they even sell Champagne!

They have hundreds of wines available with prices ranging between £7 - £140.

Whats even better, you don't get stuck with any delivery fee if your willing to wait 3 hours for your wine to come, if not then you can pay as little as £1.50 to receive it asap or £3.00 to get it within 2 hours. BARGAIN.

This app is also essential if you are running late for a party and need to get ready and don't have time to go out and get alcohol from your local corner shop.

EXTRAS: You can select add ons to your order, for example you can get the wine on ice for FREE

OR you can order from a selection of different meats, breads, cheeses and chocolate to come with it.

BONUS: If you order 6 bottles of wine you get 10% off

DOUBLE BONUS: When you make an order, you automatically get entered into a weekly raffle for a Very Serious Bottle of Wine.

We've ordered ours and it came within 3 hours so we know it works!

Search for the app 'Drop Wine Delivery' on the app store and get ordering now.