Footballers have no chill when it comes to giant inflatables

The world cup is going great for England so far, but Alisson Becker, Brazil’s goalkeeper appears to be having less of a good time.

On Sunday, Brazil and Switzerland clashed in a tense group stage match that ended 1-1 thanks to a controversial header by Steven Zuber that equalised it for Switzerland. Brazil’s goalkeeper perhaps let out some of his anger here when a giant inflatable ball landed on the pitch.

You’d think he’d just kick it away but he absolutely destroys the thing, and it’s become the subject of a few memes, for example, clearly he wasn’t too pleased with the ref at that time...

But it’s a metaphor for a lot of things…

(Shhhh, football really is coming home this time)

Maybe in the back of his mind was the 2009 Premier League game in which Sunderland beat Liverpool 1-0 thanks to a weird goal from Darren Bent. Somehow, he scored by hitting the ball against an inflatable, confusing everyone, and the goal was allowed (although it shouldn’t have been and the ref got demoted from Premier League to Championship games).