5 of your favourite foods (are about to go extinct)...

Ok, sit down - we have some bad news. A lot of your favourite foods are about to go extinct. We all know climate change is coming, and these five foods are set to be the first victims. It's not going to be pretty.

5) Chocolate

Make the most of delicious chocolate whilst you can - by 2030 it'll only be eaten by the super-rich. You'll be able to spot a billionaire not by their clothes, but because they're eating a Twix.

Most of the world's cocoa is produced in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and with rising temperatures making the climate there produce less and less each year, the world's largest chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, has predicted that we may hit a global cocoa shortage crisis by 2020.

It's time to start stockpiling snickers.

4) Tea and coffee

Normally after some bad news, the best thing to do is get a cup of tea. Unfortunately in this case, the bad news is the world may soon run out of tea.

It's quite possible we will witness a major coffee shortage due to the changing climate.

Bye-bye morning pick ups, hello zombie lifestyle.

A lot of coffee is dependent on being cultivated in a very specific climate. Even the small changes we've already seen have led to a significant drop in crop yield in the world's biggest coffee producers - Costa Rica, Ethiopia and India.

And not even your precious, precious tea is safe. Tea farmers are experiencing similar problems with their, ever smaller, crops.

May I be the first to suggest it's time to track down the PG Tips monkeys and steal their secret supply.

3) Peanut butter

According to the American Government, the peanut could go extinct. They're a surprisingly fussy plant, needing just the right levels of moisture and cool temperatures underground. With climates, they are unlikely to stay around for long.

Say goodbye to peanuts, say goodbye to peanut butter and, oh god, say goodbye to satay sauce.

2) Wine

And now the really bad news. France and California are already seeing the results of climate change - much lower wine-grape yields - and it's only going to get worse.

Food Tank (a think tank - for food) think that with rising temperatures will push vineyards north, before we are unable to make wine en-mass altogether.

“Traditionally cooler regions of the world, like the U.K. and the Midwest, will likely have better harvests as a result of higher temperatures,” says Nierenberg of Food Tank, “but other wine growing regions may suffer.”

So look forward to a time where the best wines are made in England, then Scotland, and then... you're going to have to find a new tipple.

1) Beans

Beans beans, good for your heart, the more you eat, the... less sustainable the bean industry.

According to a report from CIAT, higher temperatures affect flowering and seed production in bean vines, reducing yields by as much as 25%. And they're also being hit by more storms in bean making regions, with CIAT worried that beans could be a rarity by 2040. Whilst they won't be fully extinct, this could mean that beans on toast will become a rare delicacy, served in high end restaurants like it's lobster.