These 17 food portraits look exactly like real life

These portraits are made of food, and just go to show you can make art using anything...

16) This hot dog Arial is uncanny

15) Even more beautiful than real life?

14) Pocho-hot-dog-us

13) Bacon Kevin Bacon

12) Obama made of Cheetos

11) Admit it - you just saluted at this Prince William made of ham and pies, didn't you?

10) If we had to guess we'd say the one on the right was real

But we couldn't be entirely sure.

9) The French Dressing Prince of Bel Air

8) No need to tell you who this is

7) Just like being at Disneyland

6) Which one is which?

5) This Peppa Middleton portrait is made of crumpets

(Insert tasteless joke about Peppa Middleton being a nice piece of crumpet here).

4) Ryan Gobbling is made of pancakes

Nom nom nom.

3) Courtney Love made from Jelly Beans

2) Einstein and his buddy whatshisname

1) And this exact sculpture of your mother...

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