Fly on a Thursday and save money

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If you've always suspected that booking flights for a certain day of the week or time in advance makes them cheaper, you'd be right.

A new report by travel search engine has found that not only are there specific times to book the cheapest flights, but that this varies enormously depending on where you're going.

KAYAK says that three months in advance is the optimum time to book on average, but that Eurotrips and USA ventures can be booked much closer to the departure date.

Furthermore, choosing flights that depart on a Thursday will also save you dollar, and coming back between Tuesday and Thursday is the most cost-effective travel time.

Long distance travel on the other hand can really benefit from booking super far in advance - seven months for Asia, five months for Asia, four for the Carribean and three for Mexico. Arriba arriba!

One exception exists though: weekends are best for Europe, with the best travel slot being from Thursday to Sunday - perfect for a cheeky city break.

When to book the best fare in advance:

Cheapest days to leave and come back:

Bon voyage!