Fill in the blanks...

Unfinished answers on the US gameshow ‘Wheel of Fortune’ really lend themselves to hilarious suggestions. The twitter account @wofanswers’ rogue suggestions would probably do really badly on the game, but they’re pretty funny.

To start with, why on earth would this be the answer? It’s definitely not that, I’m fairly sure that it’s ‘bag of candies,’ but okay 😂.

How about this one, not a lot given away here so you’ll really have to think about it...

I guess that works?

To be honest none of these make any sense:

I would really like to know what a ‘reversible graveyard’ is as opposed to a regular one.

This one was supposed to be song lyrics, so unless it was Halloween or something that’s probably wrong.

Let us know if you can work out any of the real answers. 😂