Typing "I'm feeling curious" into Google can kill some time

Typing "I'm feeling curious" into Google may sound like a recipe for disaster, but trust us, it'll help you kill a few hours. If you're bored, or need to impress someone with some useless facts we highly recommend you do this.

Google have launched a fun new feature which generates random interesting facts whenever you do this, with links to interesting articles where the fact came from. Be warned, it's easy to get lost down a curious Google hole, and find you've wasted several hours and learned hundreds of new facts by pushing out your useful knowledge.

Just type in "I'm feeling curious" into Google, keep the safe search firmly ON and keep clicking the button. You'll find out a lot of interesting stuff, and also some facts about when the Undertaker won the Royal Rumble.

I suspect he's some sort of wrestler? Or does this guy run an actual funeral home?

And some stereotype-confirming facts about the Welsh...

Give it a go and have fun. And if you're truly curious (you'll know who you are), why not try it with the safe search off?