Fast food you should never order (according to people who work there)

Fast food workers of the world have been sharing the secrets of their restaurant chains, over on Reddit. The workers have been specifically warning everyone which meals they should never order in their restaurants.

Prepare yourself for tales of terrible hygiene, meat that melts into liquid when you let it defrost, and "roast chicken" that is actually boiled...

Chicken McNuggets "melt when left to defrost"

"I don't work there anymore and things are probably different now but when I worked at McDonalds i accidentally left a whole bag of about 100 chicken nuggets out on a counter for way too long."

"They melted. Into a pool of liquid. I never understood why. But they were completely indiscernible as being the nuggets i once knew."

"Had to make myself a twenty piece just to get over the sight of the nugget pool. Still delicious."

Another user said you should avoid the ice tea. According to them, it is not a healthy option:

"McDonalds sweet tea. Pound. Of. Sugar. Per gallon."

Roast Chicken Sub - the chicken is "boiled in chicken water"

"Whenever ordering chicken ANYTHING at subway always ask for strips never the chicken breast."

"So I've been told that this has changed since I worked there but even then I refuse to eat it. I used to work at subway and as many of you know there are two types of chicken. The strips and the chicken breast. Both come into the store frozen and well taken care of.

The gross part comes into how we keep them ready to serve. The strips are fine no need to fear they are kept the same as any other meat, the breast however is disgusting. At the beginning of the day we are told to get them out of the freezer and put them into hot water where they remain ALL DAY.

Then at the end of the day you have to take them out and SQUEEZE the gross ass chicken water out of them which by now has made the meat soggy. Then we put them in a plastic container where they await the same treatment the next day. You may think this is a good way of keeping it fresh but I assure you it's not, after a while at breast starts getting really mushy and smelling like ass yet we are told to just keep on serving it."

Another Redditor claimed that:

"At our subway, The 'oven roasted' chicken was actually boiled in a microwave."

One more person jumped in to claim: "I just left my shift at Subway. Our grilled chicken apparently was 'pink' according to the guy who called the restaurant."

"It's already cooked and we still have problems with it."

But it's not all bad news. One redditor revealed that you can easily get a free sub if you complain.

‘Look really distressed and disgusted with how they’re making your sandwich' he said. 'Order something, and take it to your seat, open it…walk back and tell them it’s not made right.'

‘Nine times out of 10, they’ll just make you a free courtesy sandwich. This won’t work everywhere, but at our store, we’re trained to not argue back and to just give them a second sandwich for free.’

Starbucks food is "overpriced"

One user claimed that: "All Starbucks food is reheated frozen food. Ridiculous how little people realise that. Doesn't mean it doesn't taste good, it's just not fresh at all and incredibly overpriced."

Another user said that they:

"Worked at Starbucks for a while and had a lady ask us if we were baking anymore banana bread for the day...The look on her face when I told her it comes to us on a truck."

Starbucks users also put out an appeal to customers not to order anything from the "secret menu", because they "sure as shit" don't know how to make it:

"Don't order something from the secret menu. We sure as shit don't know what a Snickerdoodle frappuccino is, as it is not a menu item."

"Employees would be more than happy to make you a drink if you just explain the recipe rather than the name of it."

KFC BBQ chicken

One user had this to say about KFC chicken:

"Worked at KFC for over 4 years. The BBQ sandwich is actually made from chicken too old and stale to give to the homeless shelters, so they soak it in BBQ sauce until it can be pulled and then they keep it on the heater for a month."

Another KFC chef recommended not eating the gravy:

"Former KFC cook here, I recommend that you don’t consume the KFC gravy. It is primarily made of the filthy oil that stores up at the bottom of the cookers over the day and is then served to customers the next day."

Poached eggs in Wetherspoons

"My friend used to work at Wetherspoons and you NEVER want to eat their poached eggs, they come in a plastic cup and they just are popped out and microwaved.

Pretty much anything in Wetherspoons is just microwaved crap other than the fish, which she was there some nights breading until 3am."

Anything in America

The cake at Dairy Queen

"I can't say I've ever been employed in a fast food joint, but I have one thing that's semi-relevant. My friends and I celebrate all manner of things with Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. New Year's Eve, birthdays, times we realise we haven't had cake in like a month. But once, a few years ago, we got a cake. My friend got one of the last pieces, and as he ate it, he bit into something hard.

After fishing it out of his mouth, he discovered it was a FUCKING TOOTH. There was a goddamn tooth in our fucking ice cream cake. And yes, he checked his mouth to make sure that one of his own teeth hadn't come out somehow. I saw the damn thing, it was a tooth. I was planning to take it back, but he did something with the tooth, threw it out or something. Not that I thought they would believe me anyway."

Hot dogs at baseball parks

"I used to work in a baseball park concession stand. The short answer is not to order anything, but if you absolutely have to buy something, don't buy the hotdogs."

"Do not. Buy. The Hot Dogs."

"They made it out of the package okay, and might even have been edible after we finished grilling them - and then they went into the water. We kept three pans of water at the back of the grill, that held the hot dogs. Any hot dogs left at the end of the day went back into the fridge, and came out again the next day. Me and the other cook put our feet down on throwing out the water and old hotdogs after two full days, but the management didn't want to let us."

Oh, and our freezer broke so all the meet got stored in the ice bin. And our management always told us when the surprise health inspections were gonna show up, usually a week or so in advance."

Wendy's fries

"My brother's girlfriend used to work at Wendy's and a saying there was (about fries) 'They aren't old until they're sold.'"

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