Famous writer gets turned down for adopting a cat for horrible reason

A man was denied the chance to adopt a cat that desperately needed rehoming purely because the owner disagreed with his 'lifestyle'.

Writer and acter Alex Andreou travelled over 2 hours to adopt a cat that was in desperate need of a home, only to be turned away because the owner didn't 'agree' with his sexuality.

In a tweet that's now been shared over 24,000 times, Alex posted the screenshots of his conversation with the cat's owner:

... The 'life style', is this person for real?

The cat's owner refused Alex the cat, and then had the audacity to ask if he was scared of going to hell when he died. The importance of sharing such interactions really is an eye-opener for how real and persistent homophobia still remains.

Alex followed the post with a tweet that shared just how hurtful the comments were:

The fact that someone can 1. deny a person a loving pet AT ALL and 2. because of WHO THEY ARE is truly disgusting.

In heartwarming fashion, people have been coming out in their masses to support Alex:

However, Alex sent a wonderful update that a friend of his who lives nearby to the cat's owner has offered to pick it up and deliver it to him.

Thank god, because Alex and that cat DESERVED BETTER.